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Heavy Haul Services

J&L Contracting is your all-in-one heavy equipment, oversized load, and aggregate hauling partner! Our experienced and helpful logistics team will help you through every step of the way and make sure your stuff makes it on time and in the same amount of pieces it was when it was put on the trailer.

Equipment Hauling

When it comes to transporting heavy machinery, precision and expertise are paramount. Our Equipment Hauling Services are designed to handle the complexities of moving large, heavy, and sensitive equipment with ease and efficiency. With a fleet of specialized trailers, including flatbeds, step decks, and double drops, we can accommodate a wide range of equipment sizes and weights, ensuring your machinery is transported safely and securely.

Our experienced team is trained to manage the logistics of equipment hauling, from route planning to obtaining necessary permits and escorts. We understand the importance of minimizing downtime, which is why we’re committed to on-time delivery, every time. Whether you’re moving construction equipment, agricultural machinery, or industrial components, we have the resources and expertise to provide a seamless transportation solution.

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Specialized Hauling

At the heart of our Specialized Hauling services lies a commitment to transporting the extraordinary. We understand that some cargoes defy standard classification due to their size, shape, or significance. That’s where our expertise shines. Our Specialized Hauling solutions are designed to accommodate the unique demands of transporting oversized structures, industrial giants, and more, ensuring safe, efficient, and timely delivery.

With a fleet of 55-Ton Lowboy trailers, Stretch RGNs, and Multi-Axle setups, we are capable of hauling all of your OS/OW/OD needs. Whether it be a machine that we load from the ground, or a crane on type of load, we’ve got you covered. We handle all of our freight with white glove service: Legally, Safely, and Timely.

Multi-Axle Services

Our fleet features 55-Ton RGN/Lowboy trailers with 5 to 8 axle setups, including boosters, for efficient heavy load transportation. Expertly managed by our skilled team, we offer ground loading capabilities and extendable trailers with up to 50’ of deck space for your oversized needs. For cargo requiring winching or ground loading, our landoll-type trailers are equipped with winches to facilitate the loading process. Additionally, our 12 and 13 axle setups ensure the safe, timely delivery of exceptionally heavy cargo. We guarantee the secure transport of your heavy goods, equipped for every need.

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Dedicated Services

J&L Contracting’s Dedicated Services redefine heavy haul logistics by offering unparalleled convenience and efficiency. Unique within the industry, this service underscores our commitment to superior customer service, providing clients with access to our fleet of Heavy Haul trucks on an hourly basis. This means not only do clients benefit from the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of paying only for the time used, but they also enjoy the ease of having trucks dispatched to meet their specific needs promptly. Our Dedicated Services are designed to streamline your project’s logistics, ensuring your heavy haul requirements are met with precision, reliability, and a personal touch that sets J&L Contracting apart.

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